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Creating meaning, memories and magic...

Artist and Illustrator Carol Jane (“CJ”) Shelton has been creating meaning, memories and magic through her art for over 30 years. An accomplished craftsperson and traditionally trained fine artist, she has honed her abilities to a high level of expertise.

A journey of a thousand brush strokes...

“CJ’s” artistic journey officially began with life drawing classes at age 16. In 1983, she graduated with Honours from the esteemed Technical Illustration Program at Sheridan College and worked steadily in the commercial art field for almost 20 years as an illustrator, wallpaper designer and graphic designer in the print industry.

For many years CJ’s personal artistic journey has focused on creating architectural renderings of heritage homes and private residences.


CJ’s love of animals and nature has also been an ongoing passion which is apparent in her soulful drawings and illustrations of wildlife and animal companions.

Tunnel of Light

Over the last few years CJ’s interest and further studies in using art as a therapeutic modality has brought a new dimension and direction to her continuing journey. Her art is now in the process of evolving into a more “visionary” and surreal form, drawing on her recent training in alternative healing practices such as Shamanism and Reiki, as well as her innate capacity for ‘seeing what cannot be seen’.

The journey continues...

Please continue to browse through the samples on this site and allow yourself to experience the artistry of Carol Jane Shelton. The Artist’s Bio page provides a more detailed account of “the journey” in the artist’s own words. All artists grow and develop throughout their careers and this new website is the beginning of a new phase. As such, this initial phase is transitional, reflecting mostly  older work but with a little taste of who the artist is becoming. We hope you return often for updates to see what path or fork in the road the journey has taken next...

Namaste (The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you)

Images on this site Copyright of C.J. Shelton, 2009. All rights reserved.

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